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A Message From Our Founder

What inspires us? … our patients. At Ottawa Derm Centre, our ambition is to provide patients with an exceptional experience founded on quality care. Our healthcare team engages patients in sharing feedback, keeping our approach aligned with patient expectations. We are the experts in medical and cosmetic dermatology and patients are our guides in service delivery.

We believe our personal values help us create a compassionate culture within our practice, supporting sincere collaboration and meaningful patient connections.

What to Expect


To make the most of your visit, you will be asked to complete a medical intake form. Please arrive 15 minutes in advance of your first appointment. You will be asked about your medical and surgical history, medications, and any health problems or concerns. Please bring your medication list and have your medical and surgical history available.

Prep Time

Some patients like to examine their own skin prior to the appointment and take note of any concerning lesions, irritations, or skin discolorations. If there are multiple, you can prepare by circling them with a washable marker so you do not forget.


A thorough skin exam involves looking head to toe. Patients referred for such will be asked to change into a gown prior to examination. Referrals for more focused concerns may not involve a full skin examination.


Recommended treatments will be reviewed at your visit. An information package, hard copy or virtual, may also be recommended for your reference following your visit

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