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Who is an ideal candidate for BBL?

BBL works best on lighter skin tones. Darker skin tones should avoid BBL, as the darker pigment absorbs too much light that can cause dark spots (hyperpigmentation) to appear. Most patients avoid BBL treatments during summer months because of tanned skin. Typically, treatments are undertaken three times a year avoiding the summer months.

How do I prepare for a BBL treatment? 

Avoid sun exposure within four weeks of receiving a BBL treatment. Avoid using fake tanners within two weeks of treatment.

Avoid using skincare products with active ingredients such as retinols, glycolics, AHA, topical vitamin C and A, at least 1 week prior to your treatment.

Inform your provider if you experience recurring cold sores or are using prescription skin treatments that increase your skin’s photosensitivity. Ensure you come in with clean skin and no makeup.

Is there any downtime with a BBL? 

There is minimal downtime following a BBL treatment. You’ll be able to resume most of your regular activities. However, it is recommended to avoid anything that causes sweating or flushing (e.g. exercise, hot temperatures, and saunas) for a minimum of 48 hours. If your skin feels sensitive post treatment, avoid using make-up, scented products, deodorants, and active skin care ingredients on the treated area until the side-effects subside.

How does it feel? 

During the procedure, your provider will apply a cooling gel to the treatment area. You’ll wear safety shields, goggles, or glasses to protect your eyes. You may experience sensations, pulses, and mild pain throughout the treatment. Your skin may feel slightly warm and appear slightly red, swollen, or sunburned following the treatment.   

How long does a treatment take? 

BBL treatments usually last around 30 minutes, depending on the number and size of the treatment areas. You will likely require a few treatments scheduled throughout the year. This will be determined with your provider during your consultation.

When will I notice results? 

You can expect to see visible changes to your skin within a few days or weeks following your first BBL treatment. Within 2 weeks of your first treatment, your skin may feel smoother and appear more even and bright. You may see fewer discolorations, fine lines, and pores. Blemishes and blood vessels will usually clear up within a few weeks.

As you continue treatments, you will notice more significant changes. Usually, you’ll need to have three to six BBL treatments spaced a few weeks apart. After that, our providers may recommend at least two treatments per year to maintain and improve your results.

BBL is one of the longest-studied intense pulse lights (IPLs) in the industry. In studies performed over 10 years by Stanford University, patients who received BBL 3-4 times per year looked around 10 years younger.  Ensure to apply a broadband spectrum sunscreen, ideally containing zinc oxide, to promote the longevity of your BBL results.

How do I book a treatment? 

All our patients start with a thorough consultation.  During your visit, we will discuss your objectives and concerns. Our team will complete an assessment and make recommendations that support your health and objectives.  Based on your consultation, we will recommend whether a BBL treatment is right for you. 

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