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What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure option for women to recontour their genital structures. Many choose this option following childbirth, significant weight loss, aging, or injury to their genital structures for an increased sense of self-confidence and improved overall comfort. 

The Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

There are a number of vaginal rejuvenation procedures performed today, including labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, labia majoraplasty, monsplasty, and vaginoplasty. The procedure that is right for you will be dependent on your individual goals and your surgeon’s recommendations. 


This procedure is the most commonly performed vaginal rejuvenation procedure, and reduces the length of the labia minora. Many women choose this option to correct irritation, self-consciousness, and pain from tugging on the labia when performing everyday activities. During this procedure, excess tissue is removed, reducing the protrusion and size of the labia minora. 

Clitoral Hood Reduction

During this procedure, excess folds of the clitoral hood can be reduced. It is commonly performed along with a labiaplasty. During this procedure, the excess tissue is marked and removed using a variety of techniques depending on the patient’s anatomy.

Labia Majoraplasty

This procedure reduces the size of the outer labia majora, and is done to improve on labia majora that are too large or hang down. During the procedure, two crescents of skin are removed from the inner part of each labium.


During this procedure, the bulging on the mons is reduced. The mons, or the upper part of the hair-bearing part of the vulva can sometimes contain extra skin and fat, causing self-consciousness. During this procedure, skin may be removed, or liposuction used to achieve desired results.


This procedure is performed to tighten the vagina. Following childbirth, many women experience vaginal laxity, which can cause discomfort or sexual dysfunction. This procedure brings separated vaginal muscles together, and excess skin from the back of the vagina is removed. Alternative procedures include noninvasive vaginal tightening through radiofrequency treatments.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Recovery

Recovery from vaginal rejuvenation will vary depending on the procedure technique used. Generally, cold packs can be used to reduce swelling and discomfort. Most patients can resume wearing tampons and having intercourse after 4-6 weeks. The best way to care for your treatment site is to follow your surgeon’s specific instructions regarding recovery. Overall, results should be permanent.  

Candidates for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Women who have noticed that their vaginal structures are sagging or have become more lax following aging, weight loss, or pregnancies, have discomfort from previous genital surgeries, or desire a more refined contour to the labia and vulva can often benefit from vaginal rejuvenation procedures. In order to determine if this procedure is right for you, contact our office today to schedule a consultation appointment. This is the first step toward a more comfortable and confident you!