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Large pores and how to reduce the visibility of them is something we get asked for often.  We all have them but some of us have them dilated more significantly and it can make us self-conscious and on a determined search for how to ‘shrink’ them!  Our team can definitely help.

What Causes Large Pores?

Pores are found all over our face and body. They’re the small openings at the top of our hair follicles.  They play an important part in how our skin releases sebum, which is the naturally occurring oil in our skin to keep it balanced in moisture and suppleness. Although large pores may not be welcomed aesthetically, their role is important to skin health.  The main cause of large pores though is an overproduction of sebum and decreased elasticity around the pore wall, making our skin less supple.

Treatment for Large Pores

When treating large pores our team will assess, through consultation, the cause. By addressing the cause we can better understand what causes the unbalance, often leading to an overproduction of sebum.  By creating a treatment plan to address a balanced skin operating system, we can help reduce the dilation of the pore giving you the desired visible result.  We can also increase the strength of the pore wall by stimulating collagen and elastin growth and activity.  A few of the treatment options we choose are:

  • Halo
  • BBL
  • Chemical peels
  • At-home skin care regimes
  • Sunblock

Candidates for Large Pore Treatments

If your pores are noticeably visible and/or you’ve noticed a change in the visible size, you may be a candidate for treatment. 

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