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Aging skin and loss of collagen and elastin cannot always be address using fitness and physical exercise. Persons looking to reshape, recontour, firm, and tighten the thigh area may be candidates for a thigh lift surgery. To learn more, read on.

What is Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh lift surgery uses a variety of surgical tools including liposuction and excess skin removal to lift, reshape, and contour the thighs and restore a proportionate balance to the overall body. Your surgeon will discuss the options and techniques that will be used to give you your desired result during your consultation.

The Treatment

Prior to your surgery, you will meet with your surgeon where they will mark the area as a guide for the surgical procedure. Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are based on the type of thigh lift and thigh area being treated. Advanced techniques are used to create incisions in discrete areas. Your incision will run either on the inside of the thigh to the groin or outside of the thigh. Excess skin may be removed along with any fat pockets that would obstruct the shape and contour of the thigh. These too will be removed but with liposuction. After the procedure, your surgeon will stitch the incisions. Small tubes may be temporarily inserted to assist in the drainage of fluids. Swelling and soreness are common post-surgery and will subside with time. You will need to wear a compression garment and refrain from strenuous physical activity for 2 to 4 weeks.

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