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Combining medical advice with premium skin care and innovative laser technology, the Fresh ’N Clear approach by ODC is your new alternative solution to Acne Treatment and Skin Health. 

Price: $1500 + HST

Your Acne Treatment Plan Includes:

  • A Consultation with our Lead Physician, Dr. Shady Piedra
  • A Consultation with a Specialized Medical Aesthetician
  • A Personalized Skin Care Program
  • A Series of 3 Acne Laser Treatment Sessions

Sun protection is an important part of acne prevention and a requirement for the success of this treatment approach.  Prior to scheduling your appointment, please be sure you have used adequate sun protection in the previous 4 weeks.

The Fresh ‘N Clear approach is geared toward patients with mild to moderate acne and may not be effective in isolation for patients with severe acne requiring a course of isotretinoin (Accutane ®) 

Our Acne Treatment Specialists:

Dr. Shady Piedra

Medical Aesthetician

Before & Afters:

Before & After photos are displayed for informational purposes only. Results are not guaranteed and will vary for every patient.

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