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As a dermatology centre we see a lot of sun damage, especially in our mature patient base. We have extensive knowledge on how UV exposure damages our skin. Unfortunately, the effects of that damage tend to show up years later. It often appears as hyperpigmentation (brown spots, freckles, and patches), moles, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity and texture issues. In some cases, it may present in skin cancer. Our team is highly skilled in assessing, correcting, and helping you prevent sun damage.

What is Sun Damage?

Sun damage is a result of UV exposure. Unfortunately, we are all suffering from sun damage to a certain degree. The visible signs of it are premature aging with skin laxity, rhytids (wrinkles), fine lines, dry scaly patches often referred to as actinic keratosis, moles, brown spots and melasma, and many more. Correcting sun damage is not just a cosmetic matter, but also a preventative measure to further medical problems that can lead to skin cancers.

Treatments for Sun Damage

The best treatment for sun damage is prevention. The best prevention is done with the conscious use of a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF with inorganic (physical) filters such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It’s important to use your sunscreen as directed, including re-application every two hours. Sunscreen use is especially important post-treatment. As for treating the visible signs of sun damage, we have a large selection of options depending on the symptoms each patient exhibits. These include:

– Halo
– Opus
– Chemical Peels
– Profractional
– CO2
– At-home skin care regimes
– Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Redness Treatment

Everyone is a candidate for treating sun damage! We all have some form of sun damage or ‘photo-aging’ to our skin. Regular treatments will not only help reverse the signs but also prevent further damage by strengthening the skin. Treatment, however, at first, does make you more susceptible to further damage which makes sunscreen the best defense. We have an amazing sunscreen bar with some great options for you to choose from. We encourage patients to have a look at our sunscreen options at their next appointment.

How Do I Book a Consultation?

All our patients start with a thorough consultation.  During your visit, we will discuss your objectives and concerns. Our team of professionals will complete an assessment and make recommendations that support your health and well-being.  If you are deemed a good candidate, we will be able to book your sun damage treatment.

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