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Ottawa, 28th November 2023 – We are pleased to announce that Chrysalis Rejuvenation Clinic has moved in with Ottawa Derm Centre.  Dr. Bernard Lalonde has been serving the Ottawa community as Medical Director of Chrysalis Rejuvenation Clinic for the past 17 years.  He will continue providing the same standard of care and services that his patients from his new home at Ottawa Derm Centre.

We look forward to supporting Dr. Lalonde as he collaborates with our Medical Team, led by Dr. Jennifer MacIsaac, our Dermatologist & Medical Director.

As a leader in aesthetic healthcare, Ottawa Derm Centre offers an array of services, including Botox™ Treatments, Dermal Fillers, Laser Dermatology, and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.  In partnership with Dr. Lalonde, we are pleased to extend this expanded scope of services to his patients at both our locations, 460 West Hunt Club Road and 1675 Alta Vista Drive.

We are thrilled with about our new partnership with Dr. Lalonde and we cherish the opportunity to extend HealthPower to his community.  Patients can browse treatment options online, reach out by email, or call anytime.


Ottawa Derm Centre Launches: HealthCoin Rewards by ODC
A HealthPowered “Financial Game-Changer” for Patients

Ottawa, Ontario, November 1st 2022 — Ottawa Derm Centre Inc., Ottawa’s premier laser dermatology and surgery practice, today announced the launch of HealthCoin Rewards by ODC, a loyalty program with novel financial benefits for patients, unrivalled in Canadian healthcare.

HealthCoin Rewards by ODC is a proprietary and exclusive loyalty program for Ottawa Derm Centre patients.  Like a High Interest Savings Account, patients make deposits, save for a skin health goal, and earn interest-like rewards along the way.  Every dollar saved earns daily HealthCoin Rewards at a current and exceptional annual rate of 8%.  Patients receive their accrued HealthCoin Rewards on the 1st of every month.  HealthCoin Rewards can be used towards products and services at Ottawa Derm Centre (1 HealthCoin Reward = $1 CAD).

The HealthCoin Rewards Portal is now open:  The portal features a HealthCoin Calculator that helps patients visualize their Rewards.

Richard Levesque, Managing Director of the Ottawa Derm Centre says:

“Our Healthcare team offers specialized advice, treatments, products, and services that help patients look and feel their very best  We call this HealthPower.  Providing HealthPower to Canadians is our daily pursuit.  That said, we feel our responsibility to patients extends beyond healthcare.  Enter HealthCoin Rewards by ODC, an exciting program that brings a financial dimension to patient care, enabling even greater access to HealthPower.

For patients saving towards a HealthPowered treatment plan, they can now open an account, add funds, and earn interest-like HealthCoin Rewards to accelerate the realization of their goal.     

For patients enjoying the benefits of pre-purchasing packages, they can now open an account, add funds, and earn interest-like HealthCoin Rewards to get even more value from their HealthPowered treatment plan.

Ultimately, we want patients to enjoy the benefits of HealthPower…now with a little extra WealthPower.”

About Ottawa Derm Centre Inc.

Ottawa Derm Centre Inc. (ODC) is a physician-owned, physician-led, dermatology and surgery practice within the ODC Healthcare Group in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Specialized in laser dermatology as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery, ODC specialists bring distinguished acumen and an all-inclusive cadence to aesthetic medicine.  Guided by evidence and focused on outcomes, ODC provides meticulous, individualized patient care supported by world class medical technologies.


For more information about HealthCoin Rewards by ODC: 

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