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Meet Vanessa!

Vanessa is currently completing her last year in the Bachelors of science in nursing program! Vanessa works side by side with Dr. MacIsaac and our amazing nursing team.
“My Interest in health care started as a young child, playing with my “pretend medical kit” and putting bandages on every scrape or scratch I could find on someone’s skin. My interest grew further watching my older brother complete his studies in the health sciences. Working with the team at ODC has given me the opportunity to further my clinical skills, build quality patient relationships, become vigilant and collaborate with a interdisciplinary team. My experience here has opened my eyes to a whole new world of care! It is interesting to see how well our health care professionals can adapt in a time like Covid-19 with the use of technology and still provide the best care. I look forward to using the skills I have learned here and incorporating them into my career as a nurse!

Meet Karina!

Karina is currently entering her third year in her Bachelor of Arts and Science in the neuroscience program at McGill University! She shadows Dr. MacIsaac and our amazing nursing team, while also having assisted in some administrative work. 

“The medical field has been a literal part of my life since birth, with my parents having taken me to finish their Canadian Certification in dentistry before I could walk. Despite the constant exposure, my passion for entering the medical flourished once I realized the impact our physical health can have on mental health. I strive to be able to help people medically, but also to achieve increased confidence and happiness. Being able to work alongside the team at ODC has only continued to spark my passion, as I see that my end goal is truly a possibility through clear communication between both coworkers and patients. I’ve learned how important it is to have an eye for detail, and how to be more self-assured in my ideas and abilities through encouragement, along with knowing how to be a part of an incredible team. I’m eager to take what I’ve learned and continue to build on it as I continue through my schooling, and am grateful for the opportunity given to me by Dr. MacIsaac and the rest of the caring team at ODC!”