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As you plan your visit to see our specialists at the Ottawa Derm Centre, located at 460 West Hunt Club, please keep travel time in mind as well as possible in-clinic wait time.  With our specialized scope of practice, our Specialists are often faced with medical urgencies that can cause delays throughout the day.  While we aim to be great hosts and provide expedient care, we ask that you allow some extra time in your day in-case our schedule gets unexpectedly challenged.

For patients without OHIP coverage (ie Quebec residents):
Please input your health card information as requested in the booking system.  You may input “AP” for the version code.  You will be charged standard rates starting at $175.00 for your initial consultation.

Below is our booking system, please select a date and time that are most convenient for you.

Upon completion of ALL REQUIRED FIELDS, you will receive an email confirmation of your appointment date/time along with pre-appointment preparation instructions.

Please click the right arrow to see future available dates.