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What are skin texture issues?

Ideally the skin on our face and body is smooth, supple and soft but as we age our cellular turn over slows down and can create skin texture issues resulting in dull, bumpy, blemished and sometimes flaky skin. Our team of experts can help smooth the skin out through a variety of treatment options.

The treatment

Through a consultation process, our team of experts can assess the cause of skin texture issues and choose the right treatment for you.  Some of the treatment options can include:

  • Halo
  • BBL
  • C02
  • Opus
  • Chemical Peels
  • At home skin care regime

Candidates for Skin Texture treatments

The reality is we are all candidates for this type of treatment throughout our lifetime.  As we age skin texture issues will definitely occur in one form or another.  Depending on the type of skin texture problem, we can create a comprehensive skin health plan to give you smooth, soft and supple skin once again.

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