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What is Cyst, Lipoma and Mole Excision?

Let’s first determine what a cyst, lipoma and mole is. A cyst is a sac-like pocket of membranous tissue fluid, air, or other substances. Cysts can grow almost anywhere on the body under the skin. When removing a cyst, it is imperative to remove the entire sac, so it does not fill up again. A lipoma is a fatty tumour just below the skin. It is not cancerous and is generally harmless. A mole is a growth on your skin that can range in colour, shape, and size. Most moles are harmless but should always be examined and monitored for any change by a dermatologist. If bothersome, all three of the conditions can be removed using excision.

The Treatment

For all three conditions, your surgeon will use a local anesthetic except in some rare cases of lipomas and cysts due to location and size.


The surgeon will use one of the following methods to remove your cyst. Approximate cost is $800-$1,000 depending on the complexity of the cyst:

– Conventional wide excision is not the most preferred but will be used if the cyst is large. This is a longer incision made in the skin, by a surgical scalpel to remove the entire cyst. The incision is stitched when finished.

– Minimal excision is preferred as it leaves minimal scarring. Your surgeon will use this method only when they can ensure to that they can remove the entire cyst. 1-2 stitches will be used to close the incision site once removed.

– Laser with punch biopsy method is performed by creating a small hole with a laser. Then the contents of the cyst are completely drained, and the walls/sac of the cyst are removed later. This usually requires no stitching and the scar left behind is minimal.

After your cyst is removed, your surgeon may give you an antibiotic therapy in pill, cream, or ointment form to ensure you do not get an infection. In most cases a scar-reducing cream or ointment will also be provided.

Between Dr. Bonaparte’s surgical skills and Dr. MacIsaac’s laser wizardry, I am just blown away by my results. I never expected such a painless experience. -Paige R.

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