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What is improving skin brightness and glow

Our skin is a phenomenal defense system, however as we age those defense systems age as well.  Extrinsic factors such as UV exposure, pollution and other lifestyle factors, as well as intrinsic processes such as hormonal changes can lead to a breakdown in cellular communication.  This miscommunication can often cause an over stimulation of melanocytes (the areas of our skin that create pigment) and lead to brown spots and freckles or even large patches or a medical condition called melasma. It can also lead to other processes being affected that slow or alter the cellular turn over of our skin.  By addressing the cause and correcting the cellular processes we can begin to clear the skin of any issues in its tone.

The treatment

Treatment for issues with skin clarity and tone are excellent!  There are a number of treatment options and a plan will be created for each individual based on the issues they present with during consultation by the team at Ottawa Derm Centre. These treatments include:

  • Halo
  • BBL
  • CO2
  • Chemical Peels
  • At home skin care
  • Sunscreen, suncscreen, sunscreen!

Candidates for improving skin brightness and glow

We are all candidates for this type of treatment throughout our lifetime.  As we age, skin tone issues will occur in one form or another.  Depending on the type of skin tone problem, we can create a comprehensive skin health plan to give you clear, bright, glowing and healthy skin.

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