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If you’ve been diagnosed with trigger finger, our surgical team can help you find relief and restore your hand’s functionality. To learn more about how we can help, read on.

What is Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger is a condition is which your finger or thumb (trigger thumb) locks when bent. It can affect any finger and they may snap when bent or straightened- like a trigger being pulled and released. Known as stenosing tenosynovitis medically, it can cause discomfort and difficulty to perform certain tasks. In some severe cases, fingers may become locked in a bent position.

The Treatment

Surgery is generally considered when non-surgical options have been exhausted. Surgery for trigger finger is sometimes referred to as trigger finger release. The surgery is performed under local anesthetic and an incision is made in the palm of the hand. The surgeon will cut and release what is known as the A1 pulley that is blocking the normal function of the flexor tendon and restore finger functionality. Most patients are encouraged to move their finger or thumb immediately following surgery. Some soreness and pain is normal in the palm after surgery. It’s important to know that surgery for trigger finger can provide great relief, but for some patients fully straightening their finger will be difficult, especially if they couldn’t do so before.

**Our specialist is unfortunately unable to accept referrals for these surgeries due to extended wait times for surgery, check back in the fall of 2023**

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