Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic concerns are addressed with our combination therapy of injectables, lasers, and skin care products. We offer face (including eyelids), neck, and body tightening and rejuvenation through filler, botulinum toxin, various laser modalities, and CoolSculpting®. We treat fine lines, wrinkles and pores. We soften dull or uneven skin tones and we remove age spots, moles, and skin tags.

Licensed Physicians

Cosmetic dermatology is practiced by licensed physicians who specialize in disorders of the skin. We provide diagnosis, treatments, procedures, and skin care therapy services.

High Quality

We use a variety of laser treatments and high quality natural and pharmaceutical grade products to protect skin from environmental hazards. Combat fine lines, wrinkles and pores, remove age spots, moles and skin tags, and soften dull or uneven skin tones.


While our main goal is to help correct existing skin issues and prevent new problems, maintaining patient comfort during treatment is equally important.

Our pre-treatment counselling helps patients prepare for their procedures in advance. Our post-treatment recommendations support ongoing patient care and comfort.

Plan Your Visit

If you are arriving for a procedure, it is best to be free of jewelry, hair accessories, nail polish and, if possible, removing makeup before you arrive so your dermatologist may have an unobstructed view of your skin.


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For all medical inquiries or conditions, please visit a healthcare provider and ask for a referral to the Ottawa Derm Centre. If you do not have a healthcare provider please click on link below for an appointment with a family physician to discuss a possible referral or treatment plan. ODC Rapid Access.