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The Importance of Skin and Hair Care

Good skin and hair care is important for many reasons such as preventing wrinkles, minimizing pores, treating acne, improving skin hydration, keeping skin healthy, and preventing unwanted hair.

A key product that we recommend is sunscreen. Many people do not realize the importance of wearing sunscreen even on cloudy days. Sunscreen blocks the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from penetrating into your skin, reducing your risk of sunburn and sun damage. Sun damage from UV rays causes photoaging of the skin, which can result in discoloration, a breakdown of collagen, sagging, lines, and wrinkles. Protected skin is also more likely to maintain an even skin tone, decreasing the likelihood of dark spots forming from the sun.

Skin and Hair Treatments

At Ottawa Derm Centre, we offer a wide selection of the most effective skin and hair treatment on the market. These include the following:

Hyperhidrosis Treatment 

This is a condition that causes abnormally excessive sweating that is not always related to exercise or warm environments. Sufferers may sweat so much that it soaks through clothes or drips off their hands. This condition can cause disruption in everyday activities, social anxiety, and embarrassment. There are a number of treatment options available to help alleviate this excessive sweating, including prescription antiperspirants or creams, nerve-blocking medications, antidepressants, or Botox® injections. 

Laser Hair Reduction and Removal

Laser hair removal is a great option for individuals who are tired of shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted body hair. At Ottawa Derm Centre, we use the GentleMax Pro Laser by Candela, which is the leading hair removal brand chosen by dermatologists. During this procedure, the hair will be trimmed just above the skin’s surface. A topical numbing cream will then be applied, and the hair will be treated according to the color and thickness of your hair. Multiple treatments are often needed to see optimal results.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

If you are unhappy with the results of aging, acne, sun damage, wrinkles, or lines, laser skin resurfacing can help to rejuvenate your skin. At our office we use a selection of different state-of-the-art lasers, including the BBL Forever Young, Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser, and the Picoway Resolve Fusion. This treatment works by precisely and skillfully removing skin layer by layer. New skin cells form during the healing process, giving your skin a younger, tighter appearance. This procedure can be done alone or with other procedures to the face. 

Removal of Benign Moles and Skin Tags

If you have a noncancerous mole or skin tag that is bothersome to you, there are a number of removal techniques that can be employed. These include surgical excision, in which the area will be numbed and a scalpel will be used to cut the mole or skin tag, or a surgical shave, in which a small blade will be used to shave off the mole or skin tag and some tissue beneath it. 

Removal of Brown Spots and Age Spots

Our Picoway Zoom laser is fantastic for removing age spots, brown spots, and melasma from the skin. It works for all skin types, and offers results in just a few treatments by using ultra-short bursts of energy to break apart the pigmentation into small particles that are more easily absorbed. The number of treatments needed will depend on the size, type, location and depth of the pigment.

Scar Reduction

Scars occur when the dermis – the thicker, deeper layer of the skin underlying the epidermis and made up of connective tissue – is damaged. The body then works to form new collagen fibers to fix the damage, resulting in a scar. The tissue that makes up the scar usually has a different texture than the surrounding tissue. There are many different types of scars, depending on how the body heals. These include keloid scars, contracture scars, hypertrophic scars, and acne scars. While scars cannot be completely removed, you can improve their appearance with a number of treatment options. These include topical treatments, steroid injections, surgery, laser resurfacing, filler injections and cryosurgery.

Stretch Mark Reduction

Stretch marks are streaks that show up on the hips, butt, thighs, breasts, and stomach that can occur when the body grows quickly for any reason. Laser stretch mark removal is a popular option. Laser resurfacing is used to remove the outer layers of skin to help restructure overlying skin. Ablative and non-ablative lasers are the two most common types to treat stretch marks today.

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