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A Skin Health Experience of a Lifetime!

Dr. MacIsaac and Dr. Bonaparte want to host you and yours at the Ottawa Derm Centre for your exclusive celebration.  We are locking the doors and giving you full access to the entire centre.  Our Dermatology and Surgery Team will guide you through the facility and share their specialized knowledge about Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Filler, Coolsculpting, Skin Care, and all aspects of Facial Plastic Surgery.  As you browse and learn, you’ll decide when it’s time to get comfortable and start enjoying your personal Skin Health Treatment Journey. 
  • Learn about the science of healthy skin
  • Experience meticulous cosmetic treatments
  • Enjoy our facility and make it your own

Your 3 Hour Private Experience is all-inclusive:

Choice Hors d’Oeuvres

Custom Beverages

Yours to choose from our PrivEx Menu
Minimum investment for eligible groups of 2 to 6 patients: $12,000
The investment is divided by the number of patients in your group (i.e. 6 patients @ $2000 each).  Individual consultations and treatments will be enjoyed during your private group experience.  Some treatments may be scheduled for a later date.  Maximum 6 patients in accordance with current social distancing guidelines.
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We are accepting new patients.

For all medical inquiries or conditions, please visit a healthcare provider and ask for a referral to the Ottawa Derm Centre. If you do not have a healthcare provider please click on link below for an appointment with a family physician to discuss a possible referral or treatment plan. ODC Rapid Access.