Medical Treatments

In order to provide patients with leading edge laser treatment for dermatologic conditions, we prioritize such referrals, which include but are not limited to vascular and pigmentary disorders, acne, rosacea, scars, hyperhidrosis, photodamage, and skin cancers or precancerous lesions.

Photodynamic therapy is available. We also treat select gynecologic conditions.

Skin Care

As your personal dermatologic skin care advisory team, we provide you with in-office treatments, and professional advice for proper at-home care.

We treat a broad base of patients and skin conditions with specialized laser-technology & expertise.

Healthcare Referrals

We accept healthcare referrals and offer onsite consultations and treatments related to skin disorders, lesions, birthmarks, inherited and acquired skin conditions, infections, and other skin manifestations.

Please ask your regular healthcare provider for a referral to the Ottawa Derm Centre. If you do not have a family physician, you may request a referral from any physician or nurse practitioner involved in your care.

Medical referrals are accepted by fax to 613.369.8354 or email to

Please refer to the lists below to view the range of medical treatments available.

Plan Your Visit

If you are arriving for a procedure, it is best to be free of jewelry, hair accessories, nail polish and, if possible, removing makeup before you arrive so your dermatologist may have an unobstructed view of your skin.


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For all medical inquiries or conditions, please visit a healthcare provider and ask for a referral to the Ottawa Derm Centre. If you do not have a healthcare provider please click on link below for an appointment with a family physician to discuss a possible referral or treatment plan. ODC Rapid Access.