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Patients FAQ Listing

  • How do I request a medical consultation ?

    Please ask your regular healthcare provider for a referral to the Ottawa Derm Centre. If you do not have a family physician, you may request a referral from any physician or nurse practitioner involved in your care.

  • Do I need a referral from a doctor to request a medical consultation?

    Yes. Please ask your regular healthcare provider for a referral to the Ottawa Derm Centre. If you do not have a family physician, you may request a referral from any physician or nurse practitioner involved in your care.

  • Can I go to a walk-in clinic to attain a medical referral?

    Walk-in physicians may provide a referral at their discretion.

  • Are referrals accepted by fax or email?

    Yes. Referrals are accepted by fax to 613.369.8354 or email to

  • Does OHIP cover medical dermatology procedures?

    Yes. OHIP covers medically indicated procedures as determined by a physician. For medical dermatology conditions, please ask your healthcare provider for a referral to the Ottawa Derm Centre.

  • Does OHIP cover cosmetic dermatology procedures?

    No. Cosmetic procedures including injectables or treatment of common benign lesions are not covered by OHIP, and therefore do not require a referral. A consultation with our healthcare team can be requested here on our website using the “Request a Consultation” tab. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at 613.369.8354 or by email at A consultation fee will apply.


    All cosmetic treatments and procedures require an initial assessment. Cosmetic consultations can be scheduled by phone at 613.369.8354, by email at, or by completing the “Request a Consultation” tab found at the bottom of this webpage.


    In order to provide a thorough dermatologic assessment, which can take up to 45 minutes, a $100 fee will apply to cosmetic consultations, as these concerns are not covered under OHIP. During your consultation, our healthcare team will ask you a series of questions to learn about your skin concerns and objectives. We will conduct a thorough skin assessment and recommend a treatment plan that will target your immediate needs while protecting your skin long-term. Given the time and resources required to complete this type of assessment and discuss appropriate treatment options, we do not apply this fee to future treatments.


    Assessments and treatments can sometimes be scheduled for the same day. Please advise our reception if you wish to perform treatment on the same day as your assessment to determine feasibility, allow adequate appointment time and reservation of proper equipment as well as provision of preparatory and post-care instructions.


    Biopsies are commonly performed in dermatology, as many conditions closely resemble one another. Looking at cell types and patterns under the microscope helps make an accurate diagnosis. Recommendation of a biopsy does not mean a lesion or rash is worrisome.

  • How do I create my account through the patient portal?

    From the homepage on our website, navigate to the top right-hand corner and click on “Patient Login.” This will bring you to On the right-hand side of your screen, you will see a button “Create an account” – click here and begin inputting your personal details. Safely store your Username and Password for future reference.

  • What is the Practice ID?

    The Practice ID for Ottawa Derm Centre is ZCFXOT. When you login to the Patient Portal through the “Patient Login” button on the top right-hand corner of our website, the Practice ID for Ottawa Derm Centre will automatically populate. If it gets removed from the input field, simply enter it manually: ZCFXOT.

  • When creating an account, I get this error message: “Unable to Create Account – We are unable to find a patient with these details.” What do I do?

    Check the spelling of your first name, last name, your date of birth (MM/DD/YY), and your postal code. Ensure you leave a space between the first and second 3 characters and enter capital letters (ie. K2E 0B8) – BOTH ARE NECESSARY. If you have moved recently, try using your former postal code and we can update it later together. If your name has special characters (such as an apostrophe, hyphen, or space), it will have been entered exactly how it was received on the referral to our clinic (which should match your health card). Please try common variations, as our input must match your input. A missing or incorrect character will cause this message to appear. If you prefer a name other than that on your health card, please let us know at your visit. If the above measures have not corrected the problem, please email

  • What is my security code?

    Your security code was sent to you in the Welcome Email. You can copy and paste this code as it is needed to create your account. The welcome email was sent to you from The subject line of that message is “Welcome to Ottawa Derm Centre.”

  • Why do I need to complete 3 personal verification questions?

    This is your health record and it is kept confidential similar to your financial records. In order to maintain strict confidentiality, a password and security questions are necessary to protect information from being compromised. It’s a good idea to ensure that your selected questions have straightforward answers as they will be needed if your password is forgotten.

  • How do I reset or recover my Username or Password?

    Click “Need help with your login?” located just below the blue “Login” button (even if your password is not forgotten but you would like to change it) and select whether you’ve forgotten your username, password, or both.

  • Is this portal provided by an American company?

    Yes. is a patient portal / extension of our electronic medical record system. It is fully accredited by provincial and federal regulators in Canada. All patient records are kept safely and securely as per the standards set out by governing bodies.

  • Where do I locate the personal information tab?

    Locate the dropdown menu entitled “My Chart.” Scroll down and click on the menu item “Personal Information.”

  • What do I need to complete in the personal information section?

    Please complete all applicable fields. Required fields include first and last name, home address, postal code, phone number, health card number, version code and expiry, pharmacy information (pharmacy name, phone and fax). Please note, we DO NOT need your social insurance number.

  • Where do I locate the medical history form?

    Locate the dropdown menu entitled “My Chart.” Scroll down and click on the menu item “Forms.” You will see a message that reads “You have no started forms.” Locate the button on the right-hand side of the screen that reads “Start Form.”

  • Why and how do I complete the medical history form?

    This form is meant to be a snapshot of your relevant medical history. If you feel there’s a critical element missing, please try to include it in the Other Notes space or mention it at your visit. The medical history form contains 8 pages. On the left-hand side, you will see conditions, allergies, and other items. On the right-hand side, you’ll see check boxes and empty fields where you can provide notes to our medical team. As you scroll through the medical questionnaire, check the boxes that apply to you and skip items that do not apply. If you feel you need to elaborate on your medical condition, please use the space provided to relay your message to our medical team.

  • Do I need to record doses of all medications?

    Medication doses that are most relevant to Dermatology and Surgery include immunosuppressant and blood thinner doses. Other medication doses can be recorded at your discretion.

  • Why and how do I complete the Family History section?

    Your family history is a snapshot of medical conditions that are present in family members and can be a very important clue to genetic diagnoses that may be overlooked if left incomplete. Most important family history details include a family history of skin or other cancers (particularly melanoma), autoimmune diseases, as well as conditions or lesions similar to yours.

  • The office policy states there is a $100 late cancellation / no show fee. If I have an emergency that prevents me from attending my appointment without 72h notice, will I be charged a fee?

    We understand that emergencies happen. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we require 72 hours notice to accommodate other patients in need of care. In the absence of this required notice, we charge a $100 late cancellation / no-show fee. This policy supports our efforts to provide expedient appointment times and quality care to all of our patients. Current no show / late cancellation rates add 3-4 months to wait times each year. We thank you in advance for minimizing this unnecessary delay by letting us know of changes to your appointment with as much notice as possible. In an effort to help you prevent missed appointments, a text reminder will be sent to your cell phone one week prior to your appointment. Your cell phone number can be entered on our Patient Portal.

  • I’ve completed and submitted my medical history and the screen does not change. How do I know it has been received?

    If you’ve clicked the “Finalize and Submit” button on the last page, your medical history is complete. If you refresh or log back into the portal, the medical history tab will read “Completed.” The “Save and Continue Later” button leaves the medical history incomplete.

  • Where do I locate the photo upload section?

    Locate the dropdown menu entitled “My Chart.” Scroll down and click on the menu item “Upload a document.” Please upload a maximum of 5 pertinent photographs.

  • What is the difference between the website portal ( and the mobile app (mypatientvisit)?

    The website portal contains all the functionalities available to complete your personal information, your medical history, your document/photo uploads (where required), and it has the communication fields that you can use to send us a message or book an appointment. The mobile app (available for iphone and android) is new and under continuous development for broader functionality. It’s primary purpose at this time is to serve as a secure communication tool for you and our practice when you arrive in our parking lot. The app shows your upcoming appointments and allows you to tap “I’m Here” when you have arrived in our parking lot for your appointment. When you tap I’m here, our patient liaison team will receive your alert and will respond with meeting instructions at our front door.