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What Does Preventative Aging Entail?

Preventative aging is the process in which we consciously make healthier decisions. Aging can be affected by intrinsic (internal) factors such as genetics, and extrinsic (external) factors such as UV exposure, smoking, pollution, lifestyle, and many more. When we think of preventing aging, we want to first try to slow the acceleration of aging by reducing the assault of any extrinsic factors. With a health approach, we can also attempt to prevent the visible signs of aging through preventative treatments.

Treatments for Preventative Aging

One of the best things we’ve heard said is that nothing looks better at 50 than sunscreen in your twenties. Sunscreen is a phenomenal preventative method to aging. Coupling sunscreen use with healthy eating habits, reduced alcohol intake, not smoking, and scheduled well-balanced sleep will put you on the correct path. We have several treatment options that will help maintain your efforts and reduce any visible signs of aging, and prevent the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture issues. These treatments include:

– Halo
– Botox
– Chemical Peels
– SkinTyte
– At home skin care regimes
– Sunscreen

Candidates for Preventative Aging

Everyone! Preventative aging is often perceived as being vain, however we remind everyone that it’s not just about the way you look, it’s also about the way you feel. Your skin the largest organ of your body. Wanting it to age slower and be healthy should never be considered vain. Think of your skin as you think of your heart. The longer it acts and operates “youthful” and healthy, the better!

Between Dr. Bonaparte’s surgical skills and Dr. MacIsaac’s laser wizardry, I am just blown away by my results. I never expected such a painless experience. -Paige R.

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