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Ottawa Derm Centre Presents:

ODC is offering an intimate experience for patients to learn more about their own skin health. This is a great opportunity to learn how to take your skin to the next level at home whilst using services available at ODC.

Please see below the structure of a consultation with Nathan.

Introduction to your skin:
It is all about you. Nathan will gather a history of products and treatments you have used in the past. Problems you have had with your skin and what you are looking to achieve. Please bring your current skincare you are using to the consult.

Pathology of the skin:
Nathan discusses the pathology of the skin and how we can change the behaviour of your skin to create healthy skin. What lasers and skincare can do to change the behaviour of your skin, (prevent/slow down the aging process). Before and afters will be shown etc

Personalized Patient Journey:
Nathan will then help you build a personalized patient journey on how to treat your skin using all or some of the following treatments: Lasers, skincare and injectables. He will work with you to stick with your budget, goals, and comfort levels.